Dominate The Profitable Caticorns Magic Coloring Book Niche Even If You Are Just

A Complete Beginner!








 30 UNIQUE, High-Quality Designs

 Full Commercial Use License

 Create Unlimited Print On Demand Products

 SVG and PNG Source Files Included

 8.5" x 11" Perfect Coloring Book Size 

 High Quality 300 DPI Perfect For Print

From Chad Eljisr


Did you know that activities such as coloring books will improve children's pencil grip, as well as
help them to relax, self regulate their mood and develop their imagination?


They are also a lot of fun!


But little did I know that it would also be a lot of fun to create Coloring Page Templates!


Here is the backstory...


I wanted to take advantage of the lockdown to spend more quality time with my kids - Clara was 16 back then, while Sarah was 13, and we decided all three of us to work on an online project together - so we did some research and found out that...


The Coloring Book Market Is Absolutely HUGE On Amazon!


The coloring book market on Amazon has blown up in recent years. In particular, adult coloring
books saw a huge rise in the last few years.


However, kids coloring books are also very popular and sell really well on Amazon.


Coloring has been around for decades and it's even MORE POPULAR now than it was back then.


If you make coloring books or any other low-content books on Amazon then you know what I'm talking about.


Digging even more, we found that Caticorns Coloring Books are popular, with proven sales on Amazon.


In fact, you could easily rank on the first page on Amazon for some of the best keywords in that niche, but you NEED solid product to be able to compete.

Here Are Just Some Of The Most Popular

Caticorns Magic Coloring Books Selling On Amazon...


There are many more on Amazon... but you get the idea!

Caticorns are so much fun because they belong to the same magic universe of ponies, unicorns and other magic creatures.


Our Caticorns illustrations are unique and not found anywhere else. They will captivate the children's mind and stimulate their imagination!


That's how the decision was taken with my daughters - we are going to create a cool package of DFY Caticorns Magic Coloring Pack!... 


But here's what's different this time...


My younger daughter Sarah asked if this time, she could work on the creative side of this project from A to Z, on her own... The result?...

The level of cuteness is off the charts!


Sarah is coming with a fresh and creative touch, revealing the inner child that is in her.



Caticorns Magic COLORING PACK


These are cool looking images, right?
And here's the best part - you get to OWN them. Yes, you do!

You're Getting 30 High-Quality Premium
Black & White Line Drawing Designs That
You Will Be Proud To Put Your Name On!



You'll get 30 Black and White Coloring Designs in SVG and PNG format.


Your publishing business NEEDS these designs.


This pack of designs is literally everything you need to
dominate this coloring book sub-niche.


To beat your competition, you need super good quality...


That's EXACTLY Why I'm Handing You 30 Unique High-Quality Designs To Help You Absolutely Crush This Niche!


  • No time-consuming research required.
  • No struggling with tech stuff to create coloring books that sell.
  • No need to spend hours designing and editing and cursing and swearing.
  • Everything can be set up in a day or two and you'll be ready to make sales.
  • More free time to focus on the fun part of creating more books and profiting.
  • No outsourcing - saves you a hefty chunk of money!
  • All of it for a super low price!

This package gives you all you need to enter the Caticorns Magic coloring niche with a major advantage over the competition.


Literally ready-to-use out of the box, this package of designs will save you so much time and money.


Instead of spending hundreds of dollars on graphic designers who can be unreliable and deliver useless work, you'll have HIGH-QUALITY designs for a TINY FRACTION of the price.

Let's Recap What You Get When You Buy
This Coloring Pack Today...


  • 30 UNIQUE, High Quality Designs ($900)
  • Full Commercial Use License ($400)
  • SVG and PNG Source Files Included ($400)
  • Superior Customer Service ($197)
  • Secure Download 24/7 ($100)

So, what do you think?

You can see from the table above that you're getting incredible value here.

Not only that but you're getting it at a crazy low launch price...

This special discount period will last only a few days and once it's over the price will go up.

The DFY Caticorns Magic Coloring Pack has a special discount price of just $17 but it will rise soon.

This is NOT false scarcity. The price WILL go up.

Now is your time! Grab this amazing deal while it's still available - don't miss out!

To Your Unstoppable Success!


P.S. If you're in any of the coloring book niches, there's a very high chance you could use the designs
in this package to fit your niche. It's highly versatile.


P.P.S. You could try looking but I bet you'll not be able to find ANY freelancer who can provide you 
so well-designed drawings at such a low price. I'd know... I looked.  Save your time and money.  Get the pack and dominate this PROFITABLE niche. It doesn't get better than this!


Frequently Asked Questions

What rights do I have with these files?


[YES] You can use these for your own personal use
[YES] You have commercial rights which allows you to use them on end user products like
coloring books or print on demand t-shirts

[YES] You can edit these in anyway such as adding more detail or patterns but the personal
use and commercial rights above still apply.



Great stuff. So, What can I not do?


[NO] You CANNOT sell on any of the files in anyway.
[NO] You CANNOT sell the designs as PLR in anyway
[NO] You CANNOT create Dot to Dot, Connect the Dot and Trace the Drawing designs using
these images.



What does this all cost?


All 30 designs will cost $17 and after the initial discount period it will increase to $37.

In what format will I receive the files?
All 30 designs will be available in SVG and PNG format.



What programs will I need to use the files?


While the PNG files can be used in multiple programs such as PowerPoint, Photoshop and Canva. SVG can be used in the same programs as Illustrator, Inkscape as well as PowerPoint.



How can these designs be used?


The primary reason why we created this pack is to create coloring books that can be sold on the KDP platform, however you can use these designs on any platform with any product such as print on
demand. Some of our Caticorns Magic designs will make awesome T-Shirts, Mugs, and more...



Can I get a refund once the transaction is complete?


There are absolutely no refunds.



What if I have issues with access?


Just send a quick email to, and I will get back to you swiftly.

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