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What's This DFY Coloring Pack About?


DFY Arctic Animals Coloring Pack is a coloring book designs package that comes with commercial license rights.


The high quality customizable designs mean that literally anyone can go from knowing nothing about designing to publishing their first coloring book in a matter of minutes.


What makes this DFY Coloring Pack really special is that it was created with love, together with my two daughters, Clara 16, and Sarah 14 years old.


The low-content publishing market is growing larger and larger and the coloring book scene is a very popular side hustle. However, a lot of people struggle to enter the niche because designing high quality coloring books can be either really expensive or really time consuming.


This product literally does everything for your customer. You don't need any design skills to use this amazing package of graphic designs. Simply copy and paste them into your interiors for your coloring books and you're good to go.


The best part is they can be used for just about anything - the license I sell these packs with means you can edit them, use them in coloring books, use them in any print on demand business - you can slap your name on them
(or a pen 
name!) as if they were your own, and much more.


Self-publishers buying into this product will get everything they need to build a series of coloring books or print on demand products that will help them see an increase in their sales no matter their experience.

The Funnel Overview


The Front End offer includes 30 High-Quality Designs in SVG and PNG format. All 30 designs are featuring original cute Arctic Animals illustrations that are ready to be colored. All illustrations were created in-house, by my two kids, Clara (16) and Sarah (14).


Upsell #1 - The Bronze Edition contains 30 background images in SVG and PNG format as well as a further 30 images with the designs incorporated into the backgrounds.


Upsell #2 - The Silver Edition contains 30 dot to dot designs and 30 trace designs in SVG and PNG format. This will make creating activity style books quicker and give users an edge over the competition.


Upsell #3 - The Gold Edition will help your customers sell their coloring books or print on demand products with fully colorized versions of the front end images and backgrounds make designing covers a breeze.

Launch Contest


Terms & Conditions Of Contest


1.  The main contest starts on Thursday January 25th At 11:00 AM Eastern Standard (EST) and ends at 11:59 PM on January 28th, 2021.
2.  The contest is based on Total Revenue.
3.  30 FE sales minimum for the first prize, 20 FE sales minimum for the second prize, 10 for the third.
4.  If minimum sales are not made, you will be paid the next prize as long as the minimum requirements has been achieved.


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